Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cocktail Nation 340 Best of the Best Interviews 2014

Check out the first of Koop Kooper's "best of" from 2014 shows, as he closes out the year, and takes some time off for the holidays.

Well the year is almost drawing to a close so for the final two shows of 2014 we will focus on the best from the Cocktail Nation so I thought lets replay some of my favourites from the year ..we talk to James Spencer about his book about Julie London, James M Kraus about his blog about classic cars, Kathy Rudolph about her book on Paul Lynde, Jeff Chenault about his book on the Kahiki and Kari  Handler on her new project which was revealed this year about the Tiki educational unit called Poly Hai.

Frank Sinatra -The Best Is Yet to Come
Bob Thompson - The Best Thing For You
Interview: James Spencer's Julie London book
Julie London - Black Coffee
Larry Gelb - Suddenly It’s Spring
Interview: James M Kraus's Website AutoUniversum
Laura Ainsworth - Necessary Evil
Nutty - Purple Panther
Interview: Kathy Rudolph's Paul Lynde book
Peggy Lee - Bewitched 
Aaron Diehl - Generation Y
Interview: Jeff Chenault's Kahiki book
Ixtahuele - Sumatra Mist
Interview: Kari Handler's Poly Hai
Ada Lee - A Night In Tunisia

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