Friday, April 10, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 04-10-2015

Hi everyone! Too excited to wait till tomorrow to post this!
Just finished listening to a couple of new albums - both are collaborations, both are excellent in their own way.
First up is Riccardo Eberspacher, along with DJ Ravin of Buddha Bar fame, he has created a wonderful blend of world, classical, chillout, and jazz for a fusion of sounds. Joining us this week at Number 9, due to my personal love of this jazz-flavoured gem, is N'oublie pas. Stay tuned for more tracks from this delightful album in the future.
The other collaboration comes to us courtesy of Lounge Masters, that venerable website of chillout and jazz originals, mashups, and remixes, collected from various artists around the world and packaged in a classy, elegant package for download.  This collaboration between Phigroa and the Francia Jazzline Orchestra, takes Phil's jazz and chillout originals and adds a full-bodied ambiance that is sure to impress. Unfortunately, I do not have a tune to add this week. Standby for that.
Cj RcM joins in the Top Ten with two of his new releases, and Snowday continues to rise as we get closer to their upcoming Canadian live dates. 
Blank and Jones finally reach the top with what will become a regular iPod summer sound, Lovelee Dae.

So, if your fingers get tired from scrolling through Facebook and the web, take a break and tune in using the player in the right-hand frame.

Be sure to support all these exceptionally talented artists by purchasing their product through iTunes, Amazon, or their own websites and Bandcamp pages.

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