Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 9 May 2015

Apologies tao all expecting to see this up yesterday. The weather here has suddenly taken a turn for the best, and we are experiencing a two day heatwave, with temperatures around 30C, including the humidity factor. So the choice between sitting inside at a computer or out enjoying the weather, was not a hard one to make.

So to get back out there and enjoy it, I will be brief.
Snowy remains at the the top this week. And Eliana Elias officially steps in to the list after a spot is vacated by Blank and Jones. They will will be sadly missed. But we shall continue to enjoy their music daily.
So, here we are, folks. Enjoy.

Sorry, there are no Bubbling Under tracks this week.  I've been too busy to bring on some new New Releases. I'm sure that there are lots out there, and I shall have something before next week.

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