Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 13 June 2015

With all the rain happening here lately, it's nice to stay inside and chill over the wi-fi. Some great new music added to the playlist this week, which I'll get to.

Diana Krall drops a few spots, as Peter Pearson moves into Number One this week.Right behind him, everyone else inches up. Jonathan Fritzen's beautiful piece, Enchantment, continues to enchant us 

The Top Ten is taking on a completely new set of songs, it seems. I look at the list and Snowday seems like a straggler, refusing to leave the company of all of our new "guests". Speaking of, I would be amiss not to mention that Snowday are about to kickoff a Canadian Summer Tour. Click on the link for more info.

I hope everyone enjoyed streaming samples of the new Halle Loren album. Gorgeous material. Out of all the tracks, her Cole Porter cover, I've Got You Under My Skin, begins it's Top Ten journey at Number Ten.

Not gone unnoticed this week are two new additions from members of Guido's Lounge Cafe Facebook group. If you're not a part of it, please do yourself a favour and join. An overwhelming group of fans and musicians from around the world, collectively grooving off the sounds we love so much. Michael Bilker has just released a hauntingly beautiful album. The title ttrack, From This Day On, is our first Bubbling Under track.

Also, long time Cafe member, Igor Geržina, along with fellow musician Frank Folgman, have issued a new single this week. Suburban Soul gives us a blast of Smooth Jazz beats and sassy saxophone. Welcome to This is Lounge.

Enjoy the music, and be sure to support them by purchasing these, and all the music heard on the station, through your favorite online or "bricks and mortar" store.

Bubbling Under

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