Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 11 February 2017

As we approach mid-February, it begins to hit home that Spring is six weeks away! I can feel the warm sunshine on my face already. But, as they say, the seasons are also a state of mind. Music helps feed that state, and This is Lounge knows you're hungry.

Welcome to The Top Ten, our weekly charting of New Releases in Chillout, Jazz, Ambient, and various variations of those genres. From indie to commercial, it is a mellow mix suited for a cocktail bar or a beach house. Thanks for tuning in, and thanks for checking in to the blog.

Our chart this week sees Pier-O's Beach Waves continue to hold the top position as Justin Hurwitz and Michael e trade second and third spots.  The triumvirate remains intact for another week. The new ambient chill of Romantic Fields from Mirage of Deep leapfrogs into the fourth position, as indie chill hop artist, Kant Sleep and his collaborator,  Chaotic, fall in behind at number five.

Peter Pearson empties the Bubbling Under chart as it makes the leap into the Top Ten, with Love Me Once Again.

Thanks for tuning in, whether it's three minutes or three hours, your listenership is truly appreciated. As always, head on over to and place your vote for your fave track here. It's totally anonymous, so don't be afraid that your name and email will end up on some mailing list or something. It's kind of fun, and I look forward to seeing everyone's choices.

Have a super weekend, and be sure to find some chill time. Thanks.

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