Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 22 July 2017

Happy Saturday! 

Is it hot enough for you, wherever you are?

Our season is in full swing, and we're all taking full advantage of it. The bodies of water that surround us are the refuge from the hsutle and bustle of the cityscape. We welcome it's calming effect on our minds. Experience the Zen. Experience the chill.

It's the weekend - time to relax.

Music, of course, plays a big part in relaxation. Taking This is Lounge with you (if you have a wifi or internet access at your beach house) is part of all that.

With artists like Alex CortizStephanie Sante, Michael e, and Phigroa, you're sure to experience your body releasing all the tensions of the work week. So sit back, relax, and tune in.

Congratulations to Portugal, The Man for a second week at number one. The pop/jazz sound of  Bria Skonberg comes in behind at number two, and the Dutch Master, Alex Cortiz, remains in the top three with Zooming In. Sambox continues to maintain his chart position at number four.

You may have noticed a new Phigroa track thrown in the mix this week. Revisiting his latest EP, Easy Does It, we explore Track 2 from that release - Floating. This week, it's Bubbling Under.

Thanks for all the support. The station and the artists are truly grateful. Keep the music alive!  Thanks for all your heartfelt comments at, as well. 

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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  1. I have a full house connection to via bluetooth. Gotta Love It. Thank you James