Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 17 February 2018

Welcome back, my fellow loungers!

Saturday has finally arrived. Time to catch your breath, chill over some fine music, food, and drink, and just basically enjoy some time for yourself.

The milder days are not that far ahead of us. Before you know it, Summer will be here.

We have a new number one this week! Boy, you love your Weathertunes! What a chilled track it is! Thanks for your votes!

Velvet Dreamer stays put at number two, while Five Seasons has leapfrogged down to the third position.

Some wonderful new music has been playing this week. Sambox's new Fashion Jazz, released it seems, to coincide with the Paris Fashion Week, is a wonderful production. The Subway Mix of Meeting Minds is garnering some wonderful comments from you all. 

Stephanie Sante's new single, Afterglow, is a beautiful piece. Please be sure to check out her album, as well.

Then there's Michael e's collaboration with Jirka, Vladi Strecker's new one, as well as Saib.'s chillhop collection that are among some first rate music filling the airwaves here at This is Lounge

So tune in, turn on, and chill out. 

Enjoy the relax.

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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