Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 12 September 2015

Well, I don't know about the rest of the world, but to all of us in North America, it was a short work week, after enjoying the Labour (Labor?) Day long weekend. This holiday typically marks the end of summer, which in turn means, the return of children to school. The city traffic once again increases with all the students and teachers on the road and the summer heat begins to make way for Autumn's chill.

But we aren't typical here. The temperatures are staying up in the high 20's, and even creeping into the 30's with the humidity levels. I'll take it! (Admittedly, this weekend sees a dramatic drop, only to shoot back up come Monday.)

Enough weatherman talk, let's see how the new music at This is Lounge has been this week,

Benjamin Biolay has finally lost the challenge for top spot this week, relinquishing to Michael e's gloriously chilled sounds of Be Kind. Jesse Cook, Sven Van Hees, and Daniel Pemberton have all made positive impressions here at the station, as they all see a rise up the chart this week. Consequently, that means Michael Bijker, Snowday, and Twin Danger have graciously given up their spots, and dropped. This also sees Igor Gerzina gone from the the list but still remaining very active on the daily playlist.

Igor's spot makes way for one of the Bubbling Under tracks, waiting for a chance to climb. This week we see another track from the latest Blank & Jones album sneak in at number ten - C'est Beau La Vie, featuring Benjamin Biolay's sister, Coralie Clement on vocals.

We also have a couple of new tracks Bubbling Under this week, which I'm sure you've heard. Papik gives us another Italo lounge sound cover from his latest, and French artist SAMBOX finally saw his latest, Suite Montaigne, released this week. I have been waiting patiently to add a track from this to the station, so you've been enjoying the opening track, Café Gourmet. Bienvenue to the Top Ten, Sam!

So, on to the list. As always, be sure to support these and all of the This is Lounge artists through iTunes, Amazon, Juno, or any other legitimate digital dealer.

Thanks, and enjoy the music.

Bubbling Under

***** BONUS *****

Enjoy SAMBOX's album teaser, a sampler of the new tracks. Please enjoy and support.

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