Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 26 September 2015

Welcome to Fall! I'm sure that everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is feeling the start of the seasonal change. As the daylight hours grow shorter, and the nights a little chillier, the inevitable hush of winter shall soon be upon us.

Bute we can always dream, can't we?......

The psychological benefit of the music we enjoy is that it will take us to our "happy place", to a secluded beachfront with azure waters, to a place where it's always warm and sunny, where gentle breezes wistful blow across our faces. 

It was a sad reminder of the coming chill, when I decided the remove the "Summer Chill" station bumper from the playlist, to be replaced in the coming months with the "Winter Chill" one.

Apologies to listeners in Australia and Eurasia, as you are about to enter your Summer season. There is an endless summer. It's there for you if you want it.

That has really nothing to do with the Top Ten, but the Top Ten has everything to do with the psychological benefits of the music we love. 

Thanks for enjoying the station. Your word-of-mouth continues to help the station grow.

Bubbling Under

Papik and Snowday remain bubbling under this week. With great new music being released around the planet, it continues to be a struggle of choices. Stay tuned as I decide almost daily with some great new releases to bubble under for your pleasure.

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