Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 21 November 2015

Welcome back, loungers. As we are closing in on the Christmas season, I am reminded of the sentiments of the season, and how some parts of the world cannot accept things like "good will toward men". My prayers continue to go out to the city of Paris, as it recovers.

That being said, French musician SAMBOX has taken the number one position. His music continues to be a part of the healing process, as life gets back some kind of normalcy there.

Lana Del Rey has followed into second, as we see the rest of the chart shift.

Finally jumping into the lineup, from Bubbling Under, is Chillscape. Speaking of Bubbling Under, a new artist has just made the list. Quiet Nights Lounge joins us with a beautifully chilled piece called Waterfalls.

Looking ahead, stay tuned to the station as we begin programming the annual Christmas tunes mixed in with our regular playlist. As the stores have already begun selling Christmas product, and playing Christmas songs, I believe they have started little too early. 

So, beginning Dec 1, This is Lounge kicks off the songs of the Christmas season. Thanks for listening. Thank you for your financial supportive the station and the artists we play. 

Bubbling Under

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