Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 28 November 2015

Happy Saturday to all you fellow loungers! Has the Christmas feeling started to take hold of you yet? The chill is in the air, and the air(waves) are filled with Chill.....and Jazz.....and Easy Listening....

I'm sure that all around you, in stores and in offices, the sounds of Christmas have been playing for the last week or so. We here at This is Lounge have resisted including our Christmas playlist until the first of December. Any earlier, (to me, anyhow) it smacks of commercialism, creating that urge to shop. But here at the station, it's for the enjoyment of the sounds, so come Tuesday, you'll begin to hear the sounds of the season on This is Lounge.

Now to the Top Ten! Lana has done it! Lana Del Rey's Art Deco jumps into number one this week, taking down SAMBOX to number three, and leaving room for Herb Alpert to sneak into the second position.

The popularity of Drake's Hotline Bling worldwide is not lost here, as Marijan's solo piano version continues to gain ground, moving into number four.

Welcome to the HDD Experience, as their track, Bitter Sweet Baby, joins the Top Ten at number ten.

The big news this week in the world of Chill, was the release by Christophe Goze on Thursday of his new single, The Nightfly. A breezy, smooth jazz track that certainly evokes warm summer nights, The Nightly is a welcome addition to Bubbling Under this week.

As always, thank you for your support of the artists and the station. 

Bubbling Under

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