Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 9 April 2016

Welcome fellow loungers!

Like all of you, the weekend can't seem to come soon enough. It's a time to stop and take a breath from the hectic pace of the past five days. In other words, it's time to chillout.

We here at This is Lounge know a thing or two about chilling out, which is why you tune in.  So, sit back and relax and check out the smooth vibes eminating from your preferred digital devices, and enjoy!

I know a few people are going to be pleased with our new number one this week. First, let me say, thanks to everyone for taking the time to vote for their favourite song at Listener feedback like this is always welcome....and leave a Comment, if you are so inclined! We'd love to hear from you!

So, back to number one....This week, we see the inimitable guitar and sax duo, Phigroa & ArnoB, slide into the coveted spot with Cologne, a song that could be about a city in Germany or the scent of a woman. Perhaps it is both! Maybe it's best left up to the listener to interpret. Congrats, Phil!

The jazzy sampling of Ordog's Nothing Compares moves in behind at second place, followed by the worldly hybrid of Sanjay Chitale & Sandeep Chowta with Anu. Sadly, Peter Pearson had to relinguish his hold on the top spot, but he still commands a strong prescence in the list, at number four.

As we see Jill Barber slip just below the tenth position, Chris Standring's new Magic Carpet Ride, fies into the Top Ten at number nine. His Smooth Jazz guitar sound is a welcome addition, which I'm sure you'll agree.

Bubblibg Under this week is extra special. The week saw the release of a single by the legendary Bob Dylan. Like many artists in the past, this album, Fallen Angels, is a labour of love tribute to some amazing artists' best works. The single being released is Melancholy Mood, a song made famous by the Chairman of The Board, Mr. Frank Sinatra. Bob's given it a more bluesy arrangement, which I'm sure you'll agree, works just fine, and works just fine on the playlist here. Watch for Bob to make a hasty rise on the chart! 

This week has also seen some wonderful new ambient tracks joining our list. Mined from the pages of Soundcloud, our team gets very excited when discovering what lies within that site. Tom O'Brien, a resident of the Gold Coast in Australia, records under the name Raine, and a few weeks ago posted Mind. Field recordings mix with soft synths and the sample of a woman's romantic plea to bring us a truly chilled ambient experience. 

This week also finds a song that seems like it plays shorter than the time it takes to say the title! Based in Rennes, France, in love with a ghost is not afraid to incorporate a sentence or a phrase as a song title. We see that, this week, with the recently released, all in lower case, we've never met but, can we have a coffee or something. Enjoy, and oh yes, it's a free download!

As usual, thanks for all the support here at the station AND of all the artists. 

Bubbling Under


  1. Thanks to all for taking us to #1 this week.
    Arno & Phil
    Big S/O to James Imrie ��