Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 14 May 2016

WE'RE BACK !!!!!!

As far as I know, anyway. Due to Sony's lawsuit against our host, Radionomy, for copyright infringment, the stations were all put in musical stasis until things got worked out.  From what I can gather, North America (where the suit is filed) has been blacked out from receiving any broadcasts. That's (kind of) the good news - All of you listeners in Europe, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. should still be able to listen in. The bad news is Canadian and American listeners are shut out, at least until the lawsuit is resolved, I assume. That also means that I, being in Canada, cannot even listen to my own station!!! Sad, but true. Maybe I can convince them to release the player within my password protected page at their site. I'm sure that I'm not the only one in the same situation.

OK, that being said, we've been a little behind on our music. Between my continued home renovations and busy family life, it's a bit of a struggle to grab some time for the station as well as social media.

But, more so than social media, audio media is the most important. right? And by audio media, I mean of course, This is Lounge!

Thanks to all of you that continued to vote for your faves online. There is some new music from Cantoma and others that I still have to preview for play consideration, so bear with me as we continue to add some great new music. Meanwhile, here's the latest Top Ten for you all to enjoy.

Shoutout to SAMBOX, who now has two songs charting in The Top Ten from his latest release. We also welcome the return of Benjamin Biolay. As the new reigning Gainsbourg sucessor, he quickly climbs aboard at number nine with Le Débandade. Both tracks have seen a quick rise to the chart from Bubbling Under. Congrats to two wonderful French artists!

As I stated in another posting below, please let me know if you're not getting the station, or please tell me that you are! I would love to know if North American is the only one blacked out.

In my defence, I want to say, I always try to broadcast a "bought and paid-for" copy of a song, or at least gain the artists approval. This means Sony has nothing on me or others like me, but we're all sadly paying for it. That being said, let me reiterate the importance of supporting these artists through legitimate downloads. Keep the music alive! Enjoy. Peace.

Bubbling Under

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