Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 11 June 2016

Happy Saturday, my fellow loungers!

Weather here today, in my part of the world, is a like a joke Mother Nature is playing - the temperatures are forecast to go into the mid-30's, yet we are also expected to get rain. 

Guess we'll have to sit back, and relax, indoors listening to This is Lounge.

Congrats to Benjamin Biolay for breaking through SAMBOX's grip on the number one position. Of course, it takes one Frenchman to upset another, and they are both welcome anywhere on the chart! Lemongrass leapfrogged up the charts this week, thanks to your votes and the votes around the station. 

Phigroa remains healthy on the chart, as he continues to receive fan support. Your votes at are an integral part of the programming here, as you can see. So keep 'em coming!

Welcome to Cantoma (aka Phil Mison), as the title track from their new release, Just Landed, joins the fray a number ten. It's a wonderful collection of chilled pleasure. In no time, I'm sure, we shall see Sea of Blue make it's rise from Bubbling Under.

We also integrated a few more new sounds from Papik, Soundcloud discovery Emapea, Matt Smith's Birth of the Fool, and German musician Torsten Luederwaldt. So stay tuned and hear all these wonderful new tracks throughout the day and night, commercial free, here on This is Lounge.

As always, links are provided to help you download your faves directly from the artist or iTunes. If you prefer other sources, please make sure it is from a legitimate site in support of the artist.

Bubbling Under

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