Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 25 June 2016

Happy Saturday, my fellow loungers!

For everyone in Great Britain, the world is feeling for you, anticipating the results of the referendum. How about we all take a step back, put on some headphones, and escape that reality for just a little while. Let's consider the season, and the warmth of the Summer sun, and the sounds that it brings. 

Welcome to Summer. Enjoy!

 Lemongrass has beat out SAMBOX this week for the top spot. Obviously, that laidback sound of theirs has struck a chord with listeners. Phigroa & ArnoB just can seem to leave, as the votes continue to come in to maintain their presence. Cantoma makes a jump up as their Summer song continues to impress.

The Warheads tribute to the shootings in Florida, Orlando, makes it's leap to the chart from Bubbling Under. A well deserved piece of music here on This is Lounge. The world thanks you. Stay tuned to hear this epic piece.

Speaking of thank you's, allow me to thank all of you for tuning in and supporting the station, and spreading the word through a grassroots word-of-mouth. People continue to discover the station for the first time, and tell me about it. It's a great feeling. Thanks. Your support for the station and the artists continues to keep the music alive.

Bubbling Under

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