Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 13 August 2016

Welcome back, my fellow loungers! I hope you are enjoying a warm, sunny Summer day wherever you are in the, except Australia, right? It's winter down under.

Whatever the weather, we all know that Summer is a state of mind as well, and we all go there, no matter the weather outside, to that beach in our mind via the music we listen to.

Lots happening this week as two new singles were released, and picked up for play here at This is Lounge. 

The Cooltrane Quartet, featuring Karen Souza, just released a new album of cool covers, entitled In a Jazzy Mood. For those of you into jazz arrangements of classic pop hits, you'll love this. The latest single release, Moves Like Jagger, grabs a space in the Bubbling Under section.

Also releasing a new single this week, at the other end of the musical spectrum, but still in line with the station's content, is Massive Attack. These Brits from Bristol have been chilling with their brand of dark and alternative trip hop since 1987. This week sees the release of The Spoils, with guest vocals from Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star.

Both are welcome additions to the mix here, so tune in and enjoy.

Speaking of enjoying, Steve Miller of Afterlife will be enjoying his spot atop the chart this week, as Luederwaldt slips to number two. Emapea's Baby Mind rounds out the top three for supremacy. As Birth of the Fool slips this week, we see chillout master, Peter Pearson return to the chart with a lovely new piece, culled from the Bubbling Under's. Special mention regarding Cantoma - two songs on the chart remain this week! Your votes are keeping them alive. Yahoo!

Thanks for tuning in, everyone! I am grateful, knowing that This is Lounge is a welcome choice amongst all the alternative internet music options out there today. As always, please support the artists we play with a download from their sites or a respected digital retailer.

And don't forget to head on over to the This Is Lounge website to cast your vote for your fave Top ten/ Bubbling Under track. Your votes help in programming the music! How cool is that?

Enough chatter. Let's see the chart! 


Bubbling Under

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