Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 27 August 2016

The end of August is nigh. So, too, is the Summer.....officially. Buy we all know that the warm weather can stay with us well into September, extending that seasonal high if only for a few more weeks.

Summer, as they say, is only a state of mind, and we here at This is Lounge are well aware of that fact. So let's continue to enjoy the weather, and the music.

This week, Afterlife and Luederwaldt trade places in the charts, as the votes continue to reveal your top two favourites. Emapea has kicked Cantoma out of the third position, and Peter Pearson makes an increased rise.

Not surprisingly, Massive Attack, and their new single, The Spoils, jumps from Bubbling Under to number ten this week.

Along with a new Michael e track, a song from a May release joins Bubbling Under. A collaboration between Afterlife and Lenny Ibizarre, from an EP/single entitled The Lost Tapes: a wonderfully chilled composition called Transcendental. I hope you like it. 

Head on over to and cast your vote if you want to see it move up the chart. That goes for any song on the chart. I want to hear from you! Show me what you like!

Thanks again for supporting the station and the artists. Be sure to use the artist's links to follow up on any purchases you may want to make. 

Bubbling Under

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