Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 24 September 2016

Saturday has finally come around. What a wonderful feeling! It's amazing how Mother Nature knows when the season is supposed to change. Here, on the first day of Autumn, it was a hot and humid 29C! The next morning, by 11:00 AM, the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees, accompanied by clouds and drizzling rain. Yuck!

But as I always say, seasons are not always physical. They are also a state of mind. From that warm beach feeling to that chilly Winter feeling. The one constant in all the season for us loungers? The music! 

And the music in this week's Top Ten is an interesting mix. I must say, however, that we seem to have more chillout than jazz happening here. I think the staff here needs to start digging through the Jazz charts and other sources to uncover some great new sounds for all of you listeners.

I want to extend a shoutout this week to Guido at Guido's Lounge Cafe for his wonderful mix released today, entitled Summer Moon. Having chosen Poolz track, Is it, Or is it not, as the opening track, it's safe to say that he's a listener of This is Lounge, and a reader of The Top Ten.  But we all know, it's a shoutout to the artist for creating the music. Everyone, please click on the link and enjoy Summer Moon, along with Guido's many other wonderful Cafe sessions.

This week, Peter Pearson remains atop the chart, as Massive Attack jumps into second, ahead of Afterlife. Biggest leap this week goes to Michael e, as his latest single, Day by Day, (love the children's choir in there, by the way) leap frogs into fourth. 

This week, we welcome Canadian artist, Charlotte Day Wilson into the Top Ten with the ambient opening track to her new CDW EP.  I urge you to check out the rest of this wonderful artist's work, including the single, Work. She has such a wonderful tone. 

One new release this week of interest is the video and single release of the title track from their latest EP:  Athol Brose by Nouvelle Vague. I'm sure most of you are familiar with their lounge/ bossa beat covers of New Wave and Alternative hits. Athol Brose doesn't disappoint as the song gives us a touch more subdued side of the band, with this Cocteau Twins cover. There's still that underlying bossa beat, but the melody builds, revealing a more romantic side as it slowly fades away to the sounds of echoing piano and chirping birds. Very nice. No doubt this Bubbling Under entry will soon be climbing the Top Ten. Those of you interested in hearing the original Twins' version, can listen here.

Thanks for listening to the station. Your votes at are always welcome. Leave me a Comment, if you like. It's always good to hear from listeners, wherever you are in the world.

One thing I must apologize for is the recent addition of ads, four times every hour, on the station. Please understand that this is NOT my doing. I hate that the music flow is broken with the intrusion of these ads. Unfortunately, the station host, Radionomy, has inserted them. (Part of our updated agreement.) I'm sure that this is the result of the recent lawsuit with Sony. Adding insult to injury, the station owners, like me, don't see any piece of that revenue being collected, as it most likely will go to Sony. It may come to the point where I shall have to find another host. We shall see.....

But enough of my ranting! On to the chart!

Bubbling Under

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for voting. But most of all, thanks for supporting the artists!
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