Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 3 September 2016

Wow! It's September already!

Well, Summer continues to hang in on this side of the world. I hope you're feeling it as well.

Music knows no season, though. A song will remind you of a season, but new releases (unless, of course, they are Christmas tunes) are not dependent on the weather. As a lounger, you are well aware of being mentally transported to an idyllic location. Videos of chillout tunes abound throughout You Tube depicting the stereotypical sunsets, beaches, and beautiful women. This all adds to the illusory perception of the endless Summer.

And we are but one station in the world helping to promote that stereotype. But I'd like to think, we are just a little bit different from the rest.

Our Top Ten is a very popular look at only a handful of the new releases available each week through many different sources. From iTunes to Soundcloud. From Bandcamp to Beatport. I'm sure you are all well aware. Thanks for supporting these artists, by the way.

For those new listeners/ readers out there, the Top Ten is a compendium of hand-picked tracks from the world of chillout, ambient, and jazz, with an occasional surprise, just for fun. 

And this week's collection is a wonderful selection. So, please tune in 24/7 for a commercial-free selection that will surely please you.

Now, for the Top Ten!

It seems our friend, Torsten Luederwaldt continues to have a fan base voting for him at His beautiful song, Namida, is back at number one this week, after a couple of ups and downs. Other top picks, as voted by you and the staff here, are Afterlife and the hip hop/jazz influenced, Emapea.  A special mention should be made of Lounge favourite, Peter Pearson as his latest track, the romantically chilled In Love With You, clocks in a number four.

Speaking of Afterlife, somehow back in May, a collaboration between Afterlife and Lenny Ibizarre resulted in a three track EP release, entitled The Lost Tapes, was missed! This week, that wrong has been righted as a three month old release finally makes it to this week's Top Ten. Please enjoy the meditative Transcendental, now playing on This is Lounge.

 I would be remiss not mentioning the great Michael e and Day by Day, as it bubbles under, waiting for your votes to break it free into the Top Ten. C'mon everyone! Bring him up!

Joining Michael this week are two new artists. Poolz hails from the homeland of our friend Guido van der Meulen - specifically, Den Haag. His ambient soundscapes are a welcome chillout experience to the station. I hope you will agree. (Note to Guido - a excellent choice for a future Lounge cafe mix!)

Fellow Torontonian, Charlotte Day Wilson, is an interesting find. iTunes classifies her as Soul, but she's much more than that. With shades of the Strauss classic, Also Sprach Zarathustra, the ambience of the opening track to her album, On Your Own, will have you mesmerized by her vocal tone. Coming across like a collaboration with other locals Snowday (would love to get these two together in a studio), she's not one to be pigeonholed by that sound, as the rest of the tracks on the EP confirm. Along with chill and soul, there are gospel and jazz influences as well. A nice discovery all round.

Hailing from opposite sides of the world, but coming together this week, joining Michael e, a warm This is Lounge welcome to Poolz and Charlotte Day Wilson.

Bubbling Under

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