Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cocktail Nation 424 Ultimate Martini

Tune in Saturday nights at 18:00 EST Toronto time (6:00 pm) for a Sneak Preview of the week's show. Shake that martini, and relax in your bachelor pad as Koop Kooper takes us on a musical journey through that Exotica and Tiki world of the 50's and 60's.

This week on the show, a great place for the Tiki lovers to visit, and we talk martini’s with the author of a new book called Ultimate Martini. We also talk swank advice on getting the best service.

Spy Fi - Man From UNCLE Theme 
Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack - Night In Tunisia 
New Morty Show - Blue Martini 
Bobby Darin - I Can’t Believe 
Dizzy Gillespie - Be Bop 
Daniela Schachter - Come Fly With Me 
Narco Lounge Combo - Sea Of Hollywood 
Diana Dors - Let There Be Love 
Lionel Hampton - Vibra holiday 
Rebecca Angel - Jet Samba 
The Sharps - Flintstones Theme 
Don Ralke - Poison Dart 
Robert Draslin - Aloha

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