Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 1 October 2016

Happy Saturday, my fellow loungers.

Welcome to Autumn. It is now officially here. To my good friend Koop Kooper "down under", I'd like to say, "Welcome to Spring". By the way, Koop is taking a lounger's dream vacation right now in beautiful, balmy Fiji. So, if you're a fan of the Cocktail Nation, don't worry, we'll be playing three "best of" episodes from the swanky archives, dusted off and posted for your dining, dancing, and drinking pleasure. So stay tuned later today for the usual Sneak Preview.

But now to the pleasures at hand. Congrats to those Bristol, England boys (and girl), Massive Attack, as they take the number one position this week with their single, The Spoils. Finishing off the top three respectively, are Michael e and Afterlife. Wow, what great top three!

Your votes at are part of the reason for their rise to the top. They are also responsible for new artists, like Luederwaldt, maintaining a floating position within the charts. Keep 'em coming!!!

Poolz and Charlotte Day Wilson slowly make inroads up the chart with their ambient chilled vibes making an impression on you, the listeners, enough to cast a vote.

Another recent Soundcloud find, Skcollob, makes his move this week from the Bubbling Under listing.

Your votes aren't the only thing that matter. Please show your love and respect by purchasing these and all our artist's work through your favourite download dealer. Keep the music alive.

Have a great weekend, and a greater week!

Bubbling Under

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