Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 25 March 2017

Welcome to the weekend! Welcome to Spring!

Yes, we have officially reached Spring. Hopefully the warmer weather has reached you. It's up and down here - cold one day, mild the next! It's fighting to break through.

With Spring comes a renewed state of mind, a wellbeing that lifts your spirits and makes everything right in the world. It's also a time for love, new love perhaps, and to accomapny that romance, there is Lounge....This is Lounge.

Our new number one thios week, speaks of love.  Thievery Corporation says Love Has No Heart, but I beg to differ. Peter Pearson reaches out to someone to Love Me Once Again. Mirage of Deep has us in Romantic Fields, while listening to Pier-O's Love Jazz.

A great week for new music as Riccardo Eberspacher jumps onto the chart at number ten this week with his Argentinian inspired Luna Calante.

What better song to bring on the new seasons, but a release from the new Blank & Jones Milchbar collection, called My Island

Thanks to all of you supporting the station and the artists. Thanks for spreading the word. Your love keeps us alive.

Have a great weekend! Stay cool!

Bubbling Under

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