Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cocktail Nation Best of the Best 2011

As Koop takes his annual vacation, please enjoy hand-picked highlights from past seasons. So grab yourself a smart cocktail, sit back, and reminisce over past shows. This week, let's take a listen to the Best of the Best of 2011.

This week on the show we take a look at the best of the best of 2011 ….with some of the best releases in lounge and exotica, and some of the highlights of the Cocktail Nation year as we revisit 2011.

Tikiyaki Orchestra - Aloha Baby 
Orchestra Superstring - Easy 
Ding Dong Devils - Mai Tais In The Moonlight 
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica - Third River Rangoon 
Crazed Mugs - Find Fobidden Island 
Jennifer Keith -I magination  
Tony Bennett with KD Lang - Blue Velvet 
Beverly Kenney - Tea For Two 
Spy Fi - WEB Theme
Wynton Marsailis - Awakening 
Jerry Sun - Tiki  
Michael Buble - Santa Baby 

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