Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 13 January 2018

Welcome to the Top Ten, my fellow loungers!

First off, I want to say thank you to the support staff at Radionomy. After weeks (maybe months?) of not being able to access This is Lounge (or any other Radionomy hosted station) on a mobile device (iOS or Android), it was back up and running yesterday! 👏 ..... a big round of applause.

That being said, I urge you to return to you iPhones and iPads and Galaxys etc. if you were listening on them before. Since listeners and listening time have dropped substantially, I can only assume that it was more than just because of the Christmas holidays.

On to the music now, as I'm excited to announce that station fan and respected artist, Phigroa has once again maintained his status as number one this week! Followed close behind is another respected artist - Naoki Kenji.  The cool chill of Five Seasons rounds out the top three.

Stacey Kent's Photograph and Flughand's Hylla have both been getting some buzz on the website poll lately, giving them some much-needed upward mobility in the chart.

The beautiful downtempo of Velvet Dreamer has been joined on the chart by Weathertunes, who have made the leap from Bubbling Under this week with People Love from their recently released album. 

We have a few things brewing, but nothing bubbling under this week. More new tunes to come. stay tuned.

Thanks for all your support.....but we need more of it. Is this station playing in your office? Is it playing in your store? There's nothing more pleasant than the relaxing sounds of chill and jazz as you work - or maybe have us as the music on your office phone when someone is put on hold! Spread the word!

The other support, of the artists, is also deeply appreciated. Please continue to use the links below or purchase from your favourite download store.

Tie to go, so stay warm, but.....

Stay chilled.

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