Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 10 March 2018

Happy Saturday, my fellow loungers!

We are now well into March and the anticipation of Spring, which officially arrives in ten days. If are are living somewhere with Daylight Savings Time, we here in Toronto turn ours ahead tonight. Waking up to daylight will be inspiring. The buds on the trees will soon start sprouting as the temperature rises.

Like most of you, I can't wait to be doffing the sweater and enjoying the sunny outdoors with food, friends, and drink, along with some chilling tunes. This is Lounge is the soundtrack to that beach house vibe. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

As we approach that first scent of Spring, congrats to Stephanie Sante for holding her spot atop the chart again this week. Afterglow has a vibe perfect for warmer weather. Surprising Mittens slides into number two. Congrats to them! Coming into third, is Velvet Dreamer.

Others like Sambox, Saib., Vladi Strecker, and Michael e & Jirka are slowly working their way up, amidst a constant battle for supremacy. Between your votes and ours here at the station, we all control their destinies.

This week sees Sky.High make the leap from Bubbling Under. A welcome addition that I'm sure you will, well.....welcome! 

Thanks for your comments. They are so supportive and wonderful. Don't forget to support the artists, and if you feel the need, "tip the DJ' with a click of the Donation button in the header of our website. It certainly helps offset some of the costs.

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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