Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 3 March 2018

Happy Saturday!

Well, we "dodged a bullet" here this week with the threat of a snowstorm that was a non-event, thankfully. Rome wasn't so lucky, as they became a victim of Mother Nature's work this week, being hit with a few centimeters of the white stuff. I understand England and Northern Europe were shovelling out for a while, as well.

Not to worry, it shall all be melted in no time as we slowly get a little warmer in the Northern Hemisphere. With Spring on everyone's mind and the preparations around the house and garden for the coming season, I always enjoy the soundtrack of calming music to work to. It makes things go a whole lot smoother, don't you think?

This week on the Top Ten, we have a beautiful new number one from a beautiful lady - Stephanie Sante's Afterglow finally reaches the peak. Congrats Stephanie! Followed behind are Velvet Dreamer, and Weathertunes as they relinquish the top spot.

Nice to see Sambox and Vladi Strecker move up the chart. As Naoki Kenji slips out of the Top Ten, we see Michael e & Jirka's beautiful Mantra slide into that empty space. 

Of course, all of these tracks and more are available from the artist's website, Bandcamp or Soundcloud page, as well as iTunes or a favourite digital download store. Please keep the music alive by supporting these artists.

Thank you for supporting the station. It is truly appreciated. 

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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