Sunday, April 22, 2018

Cocktail Nation 485 Comedy of Pat Cooper

Tune in Saturday nights at 18:00 EST Toronto time (6:00 pm) for a Sneak Preview of the week's show. Shake that martini, and relax in your bachelor pad as Koop Kooper takes us on a musical journey through that Exotica and Tiki world of the 50's and 60's.

Time for another laugh again with our monthly classic comedy segment back on the show. This week, the comedy of Pat Cooper on the radio.  And what do you think about reincarnation? A story that might surprise you.

Tiki Delights - Swank 
Nutty - Purple Panther
Jackie Gleason - My Devotion 
Gene Rains - Strange Cargo 
Beige Adair - Let's Fall In Love
Barbara Levy Daniels - It's The Talk Of The Town 
James Morrison - Nice and Easy 
Paul Desmond - Lady In Cement
Virginia Schenck - Midnight 
Sun Stolen Idols - Brigitte 
Project Pimento - Quiet Village 
Story Morton Stevens - Hawaii Five-O 
Machiniso Percusso - Frenzy 
Oscar Peterson Trio - The Tender Trap
David Carbonara - A Girl Can Dream

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