Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 21 April 2018

Welcome to The Top Ten!

I’m feeling good this morning, since it seems Spring has finally sprung in my area. With a forecast of sunshine and double digit temperatures (finally), it seems we are saying goodbye to the cold for awhile.

Lots of new music to accompany that sunshine, as we roll out another weekly chart. Once again, Michael e & Jirka have a stronghold on the top spot, as their world chill sounds have struck a chord with listeners.  My Francophone friend, Sambox, takes over the second spot, and Vladi Strecker’s Morning Beach bumps up to position number three. Sade’s Flower of the Universe gains ground, as it comes in a number four.

Lots of movement this week with a couple of Bubbling Under tracks making the leap – Alex Cortiz’s opening track from his new one, The Wondrous World of 6 AM. (I think we’ve all been there and know how wondrous that can really be.) Culling from the jazz world this week, we find Norma’s Girl, the advance track from the Steve Gadd Band’s new album, coming in at number ten.

Filling in that empty Bubbling Under Space are some wonderful new tracks. As we lose Stephanie Sante’s Afterglow from the Top Ten, she surprises us with another new song, Shine on Me, from a new album from her! Received some wonderful new music from Cosmetiq, in the name of Paul Blackford. His chillhop track, The Bento Box Beat, is a welcome addition to the station. We also have a B-side, from a new jazz release from her single, Kofi Nomad. It’s a breezy, summer-loving skat called Amalfi. I think you’ll love it.  Sometimes the B-side can be just as good as the A-side.

Keep listening for other new tracks, which we’ll talk about in the coming weeks.

Thanks for supporting the artists and the station. You keep the music alive.

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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