Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 12 December 2015

Between the hectic pace of Christmas shopping, and those dreaded seasonal office parties, thanks for taking some time for yourself, some time to reflect and relax, and tuning into This is Lounge.

As the year draws closer to a close, a heartfelt Happy Holidays to all my personal, web, and Facebook group friends. You are all spread out across this planet, but we share a close kindred spirit in our love of a specialized genre of music. Your love and inspirational posts have helped influence me and the music I play on the station. Thank you....grazie.....merci.....

Now, to the Top Ten.....

This week, Marijan makes it to number one, no doubt he is close to sharing that position with the original artist of the song, Drake.(...who, in turn, is battling it out with Adele on the Pop charts of the world!)

St. Germain slips into number two, and Canadian-Italian Daniela Nardi and her Espresso Manifesto round out the top three. 

As Da Drillah slips below the top ten, Quiet Nights Lounge and their track, Waterfalls, makes the well-deserved move into the chart from it's Bubbling Under position. 

Seeing that is tis the season, what better way than to see a New Release Christmas song appear to be Bubbling Under! Barbra Lica's recent Christmas Present release is a joy to listen to. Often mistaken for fellow jazz singer, Stacey Kent, this Canadian's sweet tone will break your heart. We've chosen a couple of tracks to play - Christmas On The Beach is an upbeat, but fittingly titled chillout sentiment, while Noel a Paris is a timely track that I feel continues the healing process of a few weeks ago.

To all you romantic loungers, a big thank you for tuning in and supporting the station and it's artists. Spread the word, and grow along with us.

Bubbling Under

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