Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 19 December 2015

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas, my fellow loungers!

This is the last Top Ten list before Christmas, so allow me to wish everyone peace and happiness over the holidays. Thank you for tuning in over the year, and enjoying the music. Thank you for supporting the station and the artists we play. Your donations are always welcome in keeping the music alive.

As we head into the final days before Christmas, the chart continues to evolve. St. Germain hits number one, and Daniela Nardi's Espresso Manifesto follows in behind in the number two spot.

Herb Alpert's take on the jazz classic, Take The A Train, continues to enjoy a welcome place on the chart, as it sits at number three.

Christophe Goze enters the chart this week after Bubbing Under for a while, with his breezy, summery tune, The Nightly.

Speaking of Bubbling Under, we have four jazz tracks that are all Canadian artists! We here at the station enjoy bringing the talent of this country to light, and we have three artists with New Releases added this week.

Barbra Lica's recent Christmas CD sees two tracks getting some major airplay - Christmas On The Beach (a fitting title for the music we play here, and Noel a Paris, a song who's sentiments are well understood, no matter what the language is.

Jill Barber is one who has released an album of songs in our other official language, but this month she has blesses us an EP of Standards, of which her cover of the classic 60's song, Sukiyaki, appears. 

Also released just in time for the holidays, local Toronto Smooth Jazz guitarist, Rob Tardik's Moments album sneaks into Bubbling Under, with the song Eros, added to the playlist a couple of days ago.

Once again, a big thank you for your support. We all love something for free, but during this gift-giving season, take a moment to give back, with a donation to the station. Your generosity supports new music, as well as internet costs, and with a planned new website we we'll need continued funds to get that project up and running.

Also, your continued financial support of the artists through your favourite digital media retailers keeps them alive as well. 

Thanks for your word-of-mouth support that brings new listeners. It is always most appreciative when you can spread the word. After all that shopping, take a few minutes to chill. Or listen while preparing that sumptuous Christmas dinner.

Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth..... Imagine.

Bubbling Under

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