Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 20 February 2016

What a week it's been here! Battling a cold while the temperatures drop to record lows....and then go to a record high today! Come on, Spring. You're only a month away! It can't come soon enough.

I also invite everyone reading this to visit the station's new website at

Congrats to Michael e, for once again maintaining his number one position on the chart this week. The big surprises this week are the sudden risings of Diana Krall & Sarah McLachlan and Pieces of A Dream.  

We also welcome Angelika Vee and her chilled cover of Adele's latest big hit, Hello. Again, thanks to Guido's Lounge Cafe for bringing that to our ears.

Bubbling under this week, is a wonderful new song called Cologne from Phigroa and his friend, ArnoB (also known as Arno Behl). Their blend of chill and smooth jazz is a perfect fit here. 

This week, you may have also heard the Buddha Bar-like sounds of Sanjay Chitale & Sandeep Chowta. The song, called Anu, is taken from their new album, American Pilgrimage. It's a cross-cultural collaboration of jazz and Indian melody, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of recording with some of his jazz idols, including John Scofield, amongst others.

Bubbling Under

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