Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 27 February 2016

Another weekend has finally arrived. Thanks to everyone who's stopped by our new website. I invite everyone to check it out. A great new feature is our Listener Poll, where you are invited to vote for your fave Top Ten track.  Yes, you can have a say in the Top Ten, all the while listening to This is Lounge live!

Apologies if my social media presence this week has been lacking. So much to do, so little time, as they say. But the stress always leads me back to the station, where relaxation is the number one priority.

The big news this week is the toppling of chill king, Michael e by the jazz queen, Diana Krall and her accomplice, Sarah McLachlan.

Jill Barber's Sukiyaki slides in at number three, ahead of Birth of The Fool's The Garden, as Pieces of A Dream drops down to the fifth position.

Nice to see the remix of Angelika Vee's cover of Adele's hit make a substantial move to number seven, leaving room for a couple of new Bubbling Under tracks to make their way into the Top Ten.

A welcome return by Peter Pearson to the Top Ten brings us a trés romantique track from his latest album. As Twilight Falls is dinner jazz at it's finest. Joining Peter is Corrado Saija, leapfrogging into the ninth position with the title track from his beautiful new album, Un Doux Sommeil, on Lemongrassmusic.

Newly added to Bubbling Under this week is a track from an artist that goes by the name ÖRDÖG. His jazzy little number, Nothing Compares... (no, it's not the Prince song) is a perfect fit here at This is Lounge. Tune in and enjoy.

As always, puleeeeze support these, and all of our artists, by downloading through your favourite digital retailer.

Bubbling Under

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