Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 6 February 2016

Wow! It's Saturday again, already? Time certainly flies when you're busy. Sadly, veteran musicians continue to join the big band in the sky, as Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire passed away the week. Your rhythms will most certainly be missed. RIP Maurice.

(Psst! Pass the word.....If you are a regular listener and follower of this blog, stay tuned for some big news coming on the most romantic day of the year - Valentine's Day. You've been warned!)

Now, on to the music.

Congrats to Rob Tardik for finally knocking "The King" from his throne. Christophe Goze drops into number two as Eros slips into first. Coming up behind The Nightfly, Michael e checks in at number three with his beautiful piece, With Each Passing Moment.

Canadian pair, Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan and their duet, makes some movement up as Marijan's reign slowly drops down to the ninth position. As we say goodbye to Matteo Brancaleoni las he leaves the Top Ten this week, Birth of The Fool makes the jump from Bubbling Under. with their track, The Garden.

Bubbling Under this week sees some great new music, as the cream rises to the top. Peter Pearson, from his November release, A Thousand Dreams,  joins the ranks with the exquisite As Twilight Falls. The album may not be that new, but we'll chalk it up to a new track from a current release. 
Pop artists do it all the time!

Last week also saw a new release from Italian producer, Corrado Saija. A wonderful new collection, released on the Lemongrassmusic label, the title track was chosen by all of us here as the one to add to our playlist.  Be sure to check out the rest of this fresh release.

As you can see, our Bubbling Under list continues to expand. There is so much wonderful new music coming out. As always, please support these artists. For your convenience, links to iTunes or an alternate site, has been given to each track. But feel free to use the digital retailer of your choice. Thank you.

Bubbling Under

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