Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cocktail Nation 412 Julie London and Bobby Troup

Tune in Saturday nights at 18:00 EST Toronto time (6:00 pm) for a Sneak Preview of the week's show. Shake that martini, and relax in your bachelor pad as Koop Kooper takes us on a musical journey through that Exotica and Tiki world of the 50's and 60's.

This week, we travel in a time machine back to 1956 and check out a very cool club that has a couple of star performers playing…Julie London and Bobby Troup. Do you remember when there were no TV commercials in existence? No? Well I’ll let you know about the good old days of TV! Also, Cherry Capri talks about cell phone addiction and her solutions are revolutionary!

Los Shimmy Shakers - Private Dick For Hire
Out Of Abingdon - Three Piece Suit
Julie London and Bobby Troup- Live at the Cameo
Ellen La Furn - When Sunny Gets Blue
Ricki Derek - Sunny
Les Baxter - Unchained Melody
Sergio Mendes - Monday Monday
Martini Kings - Lost In Paradise
Roland Remington - Babalu
Arthur Lyman - Havah  Nagilah
Martin Denny - Jungle River Boat
Janet Seidel - When Lights Are Low
Gene Rains - Harbour Lights
Barbara Lusch - Light My Fire
Perry Beekman - But Not For Me
Stan Getz - O Grande Amor

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