Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 16 July 2016

Once again, another seven days have passed, bringing us another couple of days to forget about work and give your mind and body a chance to recover from the grind. Yes, it's the weekend!

If you're not lucky enough to be able to listen to This Is Lounge while you work, then now's the time to relish that freedom and tune in at home, or wherever the wi-fi can be found.

These "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" are evident in the results of our Top Ten. This week, Giacomo Bondi and Lemongrass retain their top two positions. Two wonderfully laid back sunny day songs, followed by the fast rising Namida from Luederwaldt - A blockbuster trifecta of tunes!

For the first time in a long while, no one has left the chart and no one has joined it. Although, the chilled out jazz stylings of The Warheads have made it to the Bubbling Under list with a new track, Summer Samba.  If you were expecting a cover of that famous Brazilian tune, think again, and tune in to hear it for yourself. It's a lazy samba that only The Warheads could create.

Enjoy the Summer. Enjoy the music. Thanks for support the artists and the station. Be sure to cast your vote at

1. Giacomo Bondi - Sun King (Rmx acapella)
2. Lemongrass - Something True (feat. Jane Maximova)
3. Luederwaldt - Namida
4. Papik - Fujiko’s Theme
5. Cantoma - Just Landed
6. Emapea - Jazzy
7. The Warheads - Blue Venus
8. Birth of the Fool - Cuba Libre
9. Afterlife - Tonto
10. SAMBOX - Guest Star (Smoking Mix)

Bubbling Under

Cantoma - Sea of Blue
Emapea - Baby Mind
Eileezus - Cruise
The Warheads - Summer Samba

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