Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 30 July 2016

Thanks for checking in, my fellow loungers!

Hope the weekend is off to a glorious start wherever you are in the world. I have the luxury of a long weekend here in Toronto. But there is no time to rest. Lots to do, and still enjoy the weather.

A reminder...please check in to More Than Just Lounge, our Saturday night block of programming where it's more than just.... well, lounge! It's lounge with a beat, and special tracks suited just for Saturday night. Kicking off at 18.:00 ET here in Toronto with Koop Kooper's Cocktail Nation Sneak Preview, the sounds continue to 5:00 AM, when The Hangover Show brings you back down with all-chill till 13:00 ET.

Well, take a look at this week! Luederwaldt has been relieved of his position at the top to make room for Cantoma! Papik has made a bit of a jump - I think you all just discovered Fujiko's Theme

A big shoutout to fans of Eileezus, who have helped push her into The Top Ten this week. A well deserved jump, if I do says so myself.

Someone who is always welcome here at This is Lounge is Peter Pearson, and this recent release is no disappointment. Tune in to hear In Love With You, throughout the day and night.

Again, thank you, as always, for supporting the station and the artists. It is most certainly appreciated.

Bubbling Under

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