Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 14 January 2017

The weekend has arrived! And none too soon for most you, I'm sure.

I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere is keeping warm as we "round the turn" to Spring - Ten more weeks!!!!! I'm counting them down.

Taking the chill off Winter, we here at This is Lounge bring you our own kind of chill. As a listener, you also have the power to let us know what you like. Click your way to our station's website, and scroll down to vote for your "Fave Top Ten Tracks". It only takes a second to check off a box, and it's completely anonymous. Your identification does not appear on any notifications. So feel free that you will not be put on any mailing list after submitting your vote.

Now, on the this week's chart, where the lovely Norah Jones climbs into the number one position with her track, Sleeping Wild, from her latest. Squeezing in behind her is Michael e and The Orb with their chilled ambient sounds. Relative newcomer to This is Lounge, Kant Sleep, drops down to number four, as his other track, Let It Drip, continues to grab more airtime, moving closer to attaining a place within the Top Ten.

I'm sure a lot of you tuned in to watch the Golden Globe awards last week, and witnessed not only Ms. Streep's interesting speech, but also the many awards given to the film La La Land including Best Song, for City of Stars.

Of course, as mentioned last week, prior to the awards, I noted that the song would soon be stuck in everyone's heads. Our addition of the "Humming", almost instrumental, version of the song has proven very popular around here..... and yes, it is stuck in all of our heads. It virtually leapt into eighth position from Bubbling Under!

So, please continue to listen in. With all the media sources available, I am so pleased that you choose to listen right here. Listenership continues to grow, through social media and word-of-mouth. Thank you so much.

And thank you for supporting the artists! Follow the links below to see how you can purchase their art.

Have a great weekend!

Bubbling Under

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