Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 21 January 2017

Welcome back on this glorious Saturday, my fellow loungers!

As we inch closer to that March date and the arrival of the new season, we are all there in the state of mind we carry around with us year-round. 

Toronto is experiencing a mild spell right now, which comes at a cost - constant cloud. It has been so long since I have seen the sunshine! Hopefully, a break is coming soon.

In the meantime, I have the sounds of This is Lounge to keep me warm and sunny.

Congrats this week to Michael e for climbing to number one, knocking Norah Jones down a notch to her spot at number two. Rounding out the triumvirate is Pier-O and his relaxing Beach Waves track. This week also saw Kant Sleep's collab with Chaotix, Let It Drip, a beautiful piece of chill hop, make the leap from Bubbling Under. 

Speaking of Bubbling Under, this week saw the release of a new album from Mirage of Deep, on Lemongrassmusic. Entitled Subliminal Perception, it is a beautiful collection of ambient and chill that is recommended to all. Lemongrassmusic continues to release top quality product from a great roster of artists. So, This is Lounge has chosen Romantic Fields to add to the playlist. Tune in and enjoy.

Please remember to scoot on over to and cast a free and anonymous vote for your favourite Top Ten track. It's so easy! And your input will help with the outcome of the Top Ten.

Thanks for the support and tuning in. I know the world is full of Spotify and Apple Music, so I am thrilled that you all take a little or a lot of time to listen to the mix here at This is Lounge. Thanks for supporting the artists, through the provided links. 

So, if you haven't skipped through all of this to get to the chart, here it is:

Bubbling Under

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