Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 13 May 2017

The weekend has once again arrived. Spring, in many parts of the world, continues to arrive "kicking and screaming", as the Winter chill slowly dissipates.

Perhaps the power of positive thinking from all of us will "will" Spring's arrival completely. 

But no matter the temperature and the sunshine, we always have music. The chilled vibe that we all favour is at least preparing us mentally for Spring. Heck, we're ready for Summer now, right?

What better mental image than that garnered from Blank & Jones' My Island. It continues to rule the roost this week atop the chart. Thanks to your votes and its fans here at the station, it shall ride us into the sunshine that is slowly arriving.

The two South American influenced tracks - Sambox's Jasmin Sambac and Riccardo Eberspacher's Luna Calante - have also become listener faves, as they hold positions two and three respectively.

The rest of the artists continue to enjoy a little movement as we welcome a new Warheads track into the list. Nice to see J.R's band back!

Thank you to all for your support of both the station and the artists, and "keep those cards and letters coming", as the saying goes. Love to hear from listeners. Head on over to the website, cast your vote, and leave a comment. 

Have a great weekend!

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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