Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 27 May 2017

Happy Saturday!

Thanks to a long weekend last week, the four-day work week here seemed to last longer than it actually was. But, no matter, as the weekend is finally here! Temp is still kind of cool here, but it's great for working on the gardens, and listening to some great music.

Thanks so much for tuning in. Shoutout to Phigroa, who is just loving the mix, and has become a full time listener as well as an artist on the station. Thanks, Phil! By the way, his track Distant Voices remains in the middle of the chart. 

Finlly making it to the top, Riccardo Eberspacher has surpassed Sambox, who has now slipped to number two. The chilled jazz of DJ Maretimo and Vladi Strecker rounds out the top three.

Great to see Stephanie Sante begin her ascent. Her wonderful downtempo tune, Can You Hear Me, has been a fave around the station.

Finally making the leap from Bubbling Under, Chaotix's The Shift adds a nice dose of indie chillhop to the mix. Speaking of Bubbling Under, Alex Cortiz's track, Zooming In, is itching to break through. Your votes at can help him, and any other artist here, move up or down the chart.

We have some new music getting ready to bubble under, so stay tuned.

Thanks for supporting the station and the artists. 

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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  1. Thank you James for the S/O . We just added Bluetooth speakers on our deck and thru out the house 🏡. Now we can listen 👂 on every level!!
    TY again for providing such great music🎶. Have a great Memorial Day & weekend. Phil # Phigroa