Friday, May 19, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 20 May 2017

Happy Saturday!

Well, this weekend is extra special for me. Not only is it a long weekend here in Canada, but it is also my birthday today! Alas, the celebrations do not last all weekend. With the warmer weather, now is the time to work on the oasis in my yard so that when the temperature hits 30C, I can relax and chill with some family and friends, and great music and a cold cerveza. 

I'd like to send a thanks to everyone for their kind words and support. The Comments section at has been getting lots of work lately. It seems Phigroa has really taken a shine to the mix here at the station. I am humbled and thankful, Phil. Spread the word!

This week, it seems Blank & Jones were finally usurped by Sambox for the top spot, as Jasmin Sambac becomes our new number one! Congrats to Samuel, and all of you that voted him there. 

We can't ignore Riccardo Eberspacher, as he places himself between the two of them in the number two position - just love that tango sound! DJ Maretimo with Vladi Strecker continue to inch up with the wonderful chilled jazz sounds of The Midnight Hour. 

The bottom half of the chart ain't too shabby either, with a continuing "who's who" of jazz and chillout talent - Jazzy James Jr., Phigroa, Diana Krall, The Warheads, Mo'jardo, and Stephanie Sante! Wow! Oh, please allow me a special shoutout to Stephanie Sante, as she makes the jump this week from Bubbling Under. Her new album is a treat for the ears. 

And Bubbling Under, along with Chaotix, is Zooming In, from famed Dutch artist Alex Cortiz. The title track from his new release features an eclectic mix of chill and dance tracks that is sure to please everyone.

As always, your support for these artists and the station must be applauded. Please use the links to purchase our artists music, or use one of the other top digital retailers.

To my fellow Canadian listeners, enjoy the long weekend! 

Stay chilled!

Bubbling Under

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