Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cocktail Nation 366 Jerry Lewis in The Dressing Room

Tune in Saturday nights at 18:00 EDST Toronto time (6:00 pm) for a Sneak Preview of the week's show. Shake that martini, and relax in your bachelor pad as Koop Kooper takes us on a musical journey through that Exotica and Tiki world of the 50's and 60's.

Put on your best Hugh Hefner smoking jacket, shake that martini, and take a musical journey through the soundtrack of the Exotica and Tiki worlds with your host, Koop Kooper, from his penthouse bachelor pad high above Sydney, Australia.

This week, I'm talking about Jerry Lewis and an interesting interview I found that I would like to share with you. We also talk about the passing of Omar Sharif, and, how about this - a cursed 1954 Ferrari Sports car!

Clouseaux - Miserlou
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Black Sand Blue Sea
Jerry Lewis - That Old Black Magic
101 Strings - Peter Gunn Theme
Useless Playboys - Caravan
Uptown Jazz Quartet - Bossa Nova Eyes
Virginia Schneck - How Deep Is The Ocean
Rene Raff - April's Fool
Oscar Peterson - Bag's Groove
Narco Lounge Combo - Play With Fire
Monica Mancini - Weekend Of A Private Secretary

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