Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 25 July 2015

Well, life around the station is still buzzing around the new sounds breaking into to the playlist this week.  From the tribute to the Italian singer Mina by Papik, to the homegrown ambient sounds of Snowday, it's been an exciting escape from the hectic work week.

Speaking of exciting, our new Bubbling Under artist this week, Twin Danger, is mixing in very nicely. Not really a new release per se, but it is here in Canada. Read my earlier post and check out the wonderfully modern retro feel of their sound and videos. The band comprises ex-Sade sax player and co-writer, Scott Matthewman, and Vanessa Bley, daughter of Canadian jazz pianist, Paul Bley. (So, we seem to have an unintentional Canadian connection happening here!)

Mario Biondi continues to top the chart this week with his plaintive, soulful baritone, as Halle Loren's unique cover of that jazz classic slides in behind at number two. The chillout sounds of Michael Bijker rounds out the top three this week.

A big hello to the return of Snowday to the chart. You can't keep a good band down. As they currently continue on the their Canadian Summer Tour, they still seem to find the time to write and record some new tracks. Standby from Cam Sloan and the boys for more news on that. I should also mention I have a story in draft mode that I have yet to find the time to finish - a report on the band's tour-opening show in Toronto. Stay tuned! It's coming!

Along with Patrick Watson, we seem to have a lot of Canadian talent here!

I could go one, but I think you would rather listen than read. So browse through the chart as you click on the player on the top right side of this page. If you like what you hear, be sure to support these artists through iTunes, Amazon, or their Bandcamp or website pages.

Have a great weekend!

Bubbling Under

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