Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Papik Pays Tribute...again

After three albums recorded as Papik, and having been in charge of producing albums for Ely Bruna, Matteo Brancaleoni, Neja and Fred Buccini, the great passion for Nerio 'Papik' Poggi are the tribute albums dedicated to his inspirational music myths. The first project came out two years ago and was dedicated to the great singer and composer 'Bruno Martino', a fantastic album called 'Cocktail Martino'. 

This new work, released a month ago on Irma Records, is dedicated to the greatest Italian singer of all times, Mina Mazzini, best known as 'Mina'. Mina is an unbeatable performer known all around the world for her vocal skills and for the vastness of her recordings. Back from 1950 to date, her albums are constantly in the Italian charts and are exported in a large number of foreign countries. 

The choice of songs from her immense catalogue was not an easy task for Papik, who tried to select not only the most classic songs but also some lesser-known gems. Among the most classics: Parole parole, Le 1000 bolle blu, Grande grande grande, L'importante è finire, La banda e Città vuota (also in English) and the most peculiar : Ancora un uomo, Improvvisamente, Brivido Felino, Io innamorata, Non credere, and Neve.

In addition to faithful musicians like Alfredo Bochicchio, Massimo Guerra and Fabrizio Foggia, that always play with Papik, are joined here by a number of prestigious vocalists, lending their singing skills: Stefy Gamboni, Marco Armani, Ely Bruna, Bengi, Matteo Brancaleoni, Victoria Siggillino, Francesca Gramegna and Katia Rizzo. There are also some special guest musicians, like Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet and Giuseppe Milici on harmonica.

In other Papik news, it was just announced that Nerio will also be composing and producing the soundtrack to Lupin III. After 30 years, one of the most famous cartoon series in the world is back ! ‘Lupin III’, the series dedicated to the most famous gentleman and thief!  

The new series, of Japanese production, will be set in Italy, in San Marino to be precise and will be scheduled  and previewed in Italy in June on Mediaset channels. 

This is Lounge proudly adds "Io innamorata" to the Bubbling Under listings as the first track from this wonderful homage. 



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