Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 18 July 2015

Welcome back to the Top Ten! Last weekend was a mini vacation, some "R 'n' R" in Connecticut, USA with some wonderful friends. This time last Saturday, I was on a ship in the New York City harbour (harbor?) on a luncheon cruise from Chelsea Pier, around the Statue of Liberty, and back. It was a wonderful start to a day in NYC. After that, we walked all over Manhattan. It was a wonderful experience.

I also, had the opportunity to listen to This is Lounge while there. I encountered one issue - advertising. I don't know if all my American listeners are encountering this, but when the Targetspot tracks come on, local advertising kicks in! Naturally, I freaked out! But I found stopping and restarting the feed stopped the ads from playing. Needless to say, it was annoying.

Anyway, on to the Top Ten! 

Phigroa & the FJO finally relinquish their top spot this week to Mario Biondi's wonderfully heart-wrenching,  All I Want Is You. Eliane Elias and Jonathan Fritzén make major drops, as the new residents of the list move up.

Continuing to "Bubble Under" this week is Io innamorata from Papik. We also welcome another track from Snowday's sophomore release, called Alaskan Cabins.

So between the New Releases and older new tracks constantly being thrown into the mix, This is Lounge continues to grow. A big thank you and shout out to all my listeners. With all the different media options available, I am humbled that you choose to listen to mine. 

As always, PLEASE support the artists on This is Lounge through direct purchases from their websites, or quality dealers such as iTunes, Amazon, Juno.....keep the music alive.

Now, to the list!

Bubbling Under

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