Sunday, August 9, 2015

Snowday kicks of their Summer Tour

Toronto Star Preview (July 2, 2015)
NOTE: This piece was originally planned for publication around the 4th of July, but like many things, real life happened and I didn't have the time to complete it. As I've often said, better late than never. In the meantime, another track from Snowday's album has been added to The Top Ten, and the band have tacked on another Toronto date on the tour at the end of August.

Dateline Toronto / 4 July 2015
Snowday kicked off their Summer tour in Toronto on Thursday night within the subterranean lounge known as Coalition. Known more as a showcase venue for punk and hip hop, it struck me that the decor (modern white square sofas) was a perfect background for Snowday.  I even mentioned to my accompanying friend (Bret Menezes of ReDux RMx) that this would be perfect for a Buddha Bar night - put some tea lights on the table, a big gold Buddha statue, and the right mix of Buddha Bar/ Cafe Del Mar tunes, and voila!

Opening spot was given to an artist going as Self So. His EDM soundscapes kept the growing audience interested.

Glades, according to Cam Sloan of Snowday, is a New York jazz drummer who has recently incorporated electronic drum pads and the various sounds and effects that are available. Check out this dark, trip-hop sample from Soundcloud.

Snowday quietly took the stage without introduction, slowly warming up to the opening song. The set was short in rock and roll terms, but this wasn't rock and roll. The ambient chillout sounds were thoroughly enjoyed by the small, but enthusiastic, audience.

Myself and Cam Sloan
Speaking with Cam prior to the show, he informed me that they would be performing three new tracks. Exciting news to hear that they will be returning to the studio after the summer tour to work on that new project.

I wanted to post the track, "The Seventh String", since this was the track that was/ is garnering airplay on This is Lounge. But a technical issue during the performance caused Cam to ask me not to post it. (I'm still hoping to change his mind.)

In the meantime, I do want to pass along a taste of what they are like in a live performance. So please enjoy "Walk Along These Rocks With Me", live at Coalition in Toronto.

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