Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) - The Making of the Music

No doubt, as a regular listener to This is Lounge, you would have recently heard the track, Bugs, Beats and Bowties by Daniel Pemberton in rotation every few hours. The song, in less than two minutes, is just one track that finds your mind transported back to that pre-psychedelic era, where men hide in the shadows, guns silently kill the bad guys, and beautiful women fawn over sexy spies, all in some exotic European locale.

Despite the mixed reviews of the film itself, the homage to 60's spy film music by Mr. Pemberton has been getting high marks from the music critics.

You may have heard Koop Kooper play the track My Name is Napoleon Solo on his Cocktail Nation Radio Show. (Scroll down to listen.)

Well, it seems Daniel took a trip back to the 60's, tracking down those obscure instruments responsible for some of those eerie and mysterious sounds used by everyone from John Barry to Piero Umliani.

I'd go on, but rather than have me go on about such an homage, let's watch Daniel himself take us through his journey back in time. The aforementioned Bugs, Beats and Bowties gets a special mention.

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