Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 17 October 2015

What a busy week we've had! Besides the excitement of the Toronto Blue Jays extraordinary Game 5 against the Texas Rangers, and Toronto FC winning their pivotal game that sends them to the MLS playoffs for the first time.....besides sports exciting us all here, there was, of course, new music.

I'm so excited about the Bubbling Under's this week, allow me to lead off with that news.

 The anticipation of St. Germain's first full album of new material since 2000's Tourist, was finally fulfilled with the release of a self-titled album. He did not disappoint, especially when it came to something to please the chillout community. Mary L. slides right into our playlist like hand in glove. A laidback lament that will surely get your attention.

Herb Alpert shared his latest work a couple of weeks ago (which I totally missed), titled Come Fly With Me. As it's title suggest, Herb interprets some jazz standards made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. His Tijuana Brass sound may be musical history now, but Herb has not lost his groove. His chilled, sumptuous groove of the Billy Strayhorn/ Duke Ellington signature tune, Take The "A" Train, is a welcome addition to This is Lounge's playlist.

Something a little different, and more Drake climbs the Top 40 chart with Hotline Bling, German pianist Marijan brings us a stripped down pain instrumental version that packs on the emotion from another direction. 

Back on the Top Ten, Sven Van Hees continues to stay atop the chart, as we see Papik's Italian lounge classic slip into the number two position. His popularity around here, warranting a second track from Cocktail Mina, Anche un uomo, makes a respectable move into seventh. 

Lana Del Rey's Art Deco is also fast becoming a station fave. It climbs a couple of positions to the number eight slot this week. Moving up from Bubbling Under, is an American DJ known simply as Color Majesty. One of his many recent Soundcloud uploads, Paris, incorporates the sounds of the street creating a visual as well as an aural journey through the streets. He has one album available through iTunes, issued this past Spring, for those who want to seek out more material.

Enjoy your week, and as always, please support all This is Lounge artists through the legitimate digital retailers.

Bubbling Under

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