Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 24 October 2015

For all of you readers outside of North America, and unfamiliar with Major League Baseball, then this will be of no consequence to you. My apologies. For the last few weeks, nay, the last few months, Toronto has been gripped with the chance that our beloved Blue Jays baseball team would once again go all the way in the World Series. Sadly, our dreams were dashed last night after a hard fought battle against the Kansas City Royals was lost. Toronto's fever has broken. We can no return to some sort of normalcy. Thanks to the Blue Jays for exciting this city, and Canada!

OK, enough sports. My tribute hand thanks has been made. Now on to the music.

Wow, and what a week for music. Herb Alpert and St. Germain gave us some great new sounds in the mix this week. On a smaller scale, Marijan's beautiful piano cover of Drake's current worldwide hit, Hotline Bling, has given us a new appreciation of the track from a different perspective.

Consequently, two spots opened up this week, making room for two out of the three. 

Sven Van Hees continues to hold the top spot, with Lee Ritenour's beautiful Waltz for Carmen making a move towards that coveted position.Sadly, dipping below the tenth position, Daniel Pemberton and one of Papik's tribute tracks are gone.

Bubbling under, as of yesterday, is Toronto jazz vocalist Emilie-Claire Barlow, and a track from her release (yesterday), Clear Day. Scroll down to see the separate post on this wonderful artist's new work.

As always, please support these and all This is Lounge artists through you favourite legitimate digital download site.

Bubblinh Under

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