Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Top Ten - week ending 3 October 2015

Brrrrrr.......I don't know about your part of the world, but the chill of Autumn has finally begun to creep in. (Nothing an extra layer of clothes won't help.) Guess it's time to put away the linen shirt and pants and bring out the "woolies". But as we all know, we have lots of chilled music to keep us warm! For those listeners in Australia, welcome to Spring(?).  

Speaking of chill, one of the masters of the genre has again remained atop the list at number one. Michael e's seductive Be Kind, from his latest release, From Within, continues to warm our hearts and minds.

Soda Pressing, which is not "so depressing", from Sven Van Hees, moves into the number two spot. Papik's second entry on the This is Lounge playlist, Anche un uomo, and Snowday's latest, Detour, finally make it into the Top Ten this week.

This week has also seen some interesting new music come through my office. Lana Del Rey's latest offering, Honeymoon, displays her usual chilled vibe, coupled with biting romanticism in her lyrics. We couldn't decide on one track, so we went with two. It should also be obvious by now that we don't necessarily choose the current single release or the most popular track as displayed in iTunes. That being said, Art Deco was chosen for it's sound, it's feeling, it's laidback beat, and the lyric. You never know, my choice may prove to be prophetic, and this could be the next single thanks to your downloads. 

The ethereal sound of the 1:22 track, Burnt Norton (Interlude), to most listeners, may seem like a filler track. But listened out of the context of the album, it has an ambient, dreamlike quality that fits like a glove into the This is Lounge sound. I think you'll agree.

Stay tuned as this week has seen some wonderful new chillout/ ambient sounds from The Warheads and new discoveries Color Majesty, Da Drillah, Chillscape, and Jaromir.

As always, please support the artists you hear. This genre is not as big as Popular Top 40. They aren't raking in the cash, as one might believe. They are creating in their own way, and should be rewarded for their efforts if you are a true fan. Thanks for listening.

Now, on to the list....

Bubbling Under

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